Parasite (Movie Review)

The film that won 4 Oscar title truly do live up to its standards, easily one of the best films that I had ever watched. Although there is a lot of fuss about the subtitle part, I am quite used to watching movies with subtitles rather than having people dubbing over it, I love movies or even tv series at its original state.

Parasite depicted a few major culture that is prominent in South Korea, especially when it comes to class. Practically speaking, if you are born in a lower-class family, you have virtually no chance or whatsoever to climb out of the poverty ring, even if you work hard. The same goes to those upper-class family. To put in simple words, the family that you are born into determines where your status in society is.

Another one is the counterfeiting or bluffing your way up to the rich. Although the film reflects the culture in South Korea, but it is also everywhere in most of the other countries. From my perspective, I saw and experienced the exact same things that occurred in the film, professionalism conning at its finest.

The flaw in the society that we live in today is also shown in the movie. The poor family, despite having some talents, are not recognised by the society because they do not have qualifications of any sorts, and so they are forced to live in the slumps. In addition, why people could not escape the poverty loop is because their values differ (in a negative manner) as compared to those of the upper-class, and also their vices and addictions do encourage them to live off a material or pleasure ‘high’ to another. They care about what is immediately important to them instead of the long run because the society is shaped in that way, making the rich richer and the poor struggling to get through their basic needs everyday.

10/10 Definitely go watch it. Parasite essentially summarises how South Korea works and its culture. The pacing, the story, the music, the characters, the story behind the story, all of them are on point, making it a 4-Oscar movie. (I watched it late in the cinemas probably because there was a soft restriction in Malaysia to air this ‘controversial’ and ‘strong’ movie)

Just go watch it, and you will get what I mean.

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