Why Do I Still Write?

How I got myself into writing.

At the young age, I was naturally attracted to English books and read them during my spare time, I liked the fact how imaginations and thoughts could be painted in words. One of my first inspirers for English as a language was Mr. Tiong, an American educated teacher, he has a slang and he made English as interesting as he could.

Next was Mr. Sunny, I underwent his English writing ‘training’ for two years or so by attending his 3-hour tuition class every week. Some might say his style is cruel and strenuous but I found it crucial in the building of great writers. He made us write for most of the time and corrected our mistakes on the spot.

Miraculously, that was what sparked my interest in writing consistently. After having ‘graduated’ from his class, I opened up a blog to write. Initially, it was slurs of thoughts and nothing really concrete to start. Eventually, I wrote more and more, achieving one post per day status for almost a year or so. That habit was further reassured as I was recruited by a company to do copywriting for them after they saw my writings.

Something Happened (Pan to me)

Work and creativity draught happened. They were all excuses made up by me and I gradually stopped writing.

But now, I still want to continue to write. Here is why:

i) A voice for my mind and my heart:-

Things happen in the world, around me and to me. Sometimes I have to vent it out somewhere, some place; sometimes I have to jot down inspiring ideas in the form of my own words; sometimes it is simply to record memories that are significant to me, whether I am fond of it or not.

It feels good after getting something off my chest or my mind, it is simply rejuvenating and it is something to look back into in the future.

ii) A training ground for me:-

Practise makes perfect. I believe this truly and wholly. As I got myself more and more into writing, I feel like sometimes when all things fail to get through, words do come through significantly to people. Although it is out-of-date for me to do blogging anymore, but I still firmly believe that words are one of the most structured way to deliver a thought to one another and could potentially create wonders or destruction with them.

iii) Writing is my one of my side-passions:-

A life is lived fully when you have found your purpose in doing so which is finding where your passions are and doing those passions passionately in a consistent manner. My main passion is doing Maths, it is quite dull if one’s life is only dictated by one element. So, I discovered quite a number of side-passions to accompany my main passion. One of them is writing, and I like it very much up until now.

iv) To remain articulate in the world of numbers (and in reality):-

As mentioned, I love Maths and if I could not deliver my thoughts about Maths in a simple, elegant and understandable manner, I have failed myself in my main passion. Same goes to every aspect of life, I feel like if I could articulate or present my thoughts as intended to one another, it will do good for everyone around me (including me). I do not like when communications break-down because of one stupid misunderstanding, so I want to make sure that I do my part in being able to articulate what I want honestly and truthfully.

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