I made a video about me writing 100 ‘blessings’ in Chinese calligraphy. It is my passion and hobby to be doing this. Click the Youtube video down below to watch me write and describe the process of writing them.

Although it was a long process, I love writing Chinese calligraphy, so it did not feel as burdening as it should be. As my passion transpires in this form of art, I do feel that the time that I spent making this video and writing Chinese calligraphy worth it. The process was rather tiring as I had to repeat the writing again and again for a 100 times, but I managed to pulled it off.

This is not my first time doing these types of mass production, you can click here to see my previous post doing something similar to this.

Thanks for reading and watching! Leave your thoughts down in the comments below about the video. Hope you like my videos. There will be more to come in the future. Stay tuned!

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