what is and is to come

what is more,
when there is more;
what is less,
when there is none.
when is it too much?
when is it too less?

what is dark,
when it is dark;
what is light,
when it is bright.
when is it too dark?
when is it too bright?

what is hope,
when there is hope;
what is life,
when there is life.
when to hope?
when to live?

fallen from grace
i think i might have.

although my chains are gone,
i fell,
from the skies of grace,
crash landing into murky waters.


just thoughts scattered asunder.
nothing really made sense anymore.

it is so hectic up here.
nothing really made peace anymore.

too many superfluous beings.
nothing really made sense anymore.

everything is just so messed up.
nothing really made peace anymore.

my mind is straying
at the edge of sanity,
between hope and nothingness.
that is where i am at.

normality is
what being human meant.


the normal that we live in
is wretched,
is flawed,
is wicked,
is cruel,
it does not work.

all it needed was a little push
normal vanished.

we can’t go back to normal anymore.

it is not there.

it shouldn’t be there in the first place.

something is wrong with our core values,
and the way that we lead our lives,
along with the way that we think,
about ourselves and others.

what is and is to come
is vague.

all we can do,
is to hope that
hope will be our guiding light.


think about the greater good
for everyone,
doing things out of compassion,
not for yourselves.

have a selfless thinking
not a selfish one.
we are not fishes,
we are humans.
we need to start thinking like one,
or else we are going to keep swimming,
till the day we are caught by
the depths of life.

P.S. be genuine

there lesser and lesser people like that.

most importantly,
don’t fake it.
it’s fucking disgusting.

you will never know when you are faking it,
you just do not want to know about it.
nobody will ever tell you,
because your ears will never let you hear them.

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