what is truth?

truth hurts,
truth tells,
truth reveals,
truth never hides.

what we believe as the truth,
is always the truth.
no matter how we are told,
if we believe,
then that’s a truth,
to us.

truth is hidden behind words,
truth is cloaked within actions.

no one wants the truth,
it’s stone cold hard,
it reeks of pain and
unruly stench.

people try to cover them up
sugarcoat them
pretend that the truth is just
a lie.

it is a pain to watch
people who are in denial,
not accepting the ‘truths’ about themselves,
and keep on living in
their wrecked definition of truth.

you can say we are just being

but, have you every seen
people’s disgust towards
your actions?
or are you just blinded
by the truth that you live in
so comfortably?

there are too many of them out there.
roaming around the
very landscape of the world.

living in their bubble of truth
not wanting
denying the fact
of what truth is.

you might argue that
there is no such thing as
absolute truth;
absolute rightness;
absolute wrongness.

we live in a world gauged
in spectrums.

it is somewhere between
the spectrum
that people chose to believe
which I could not get myself to accept.

perhaps i also fall in the category
of denial.
but i hold true by my own words.

truth can be dangerous
if not rationalised.
truth can be destructive
if abused.


yes, you see it right
i say that
is true,
in my world.

have you ever doubted
the numbers that you see on screen
every day?

those numbers can be manipulated
through trickery,
through statistics,
through mathematics.

something significant,
might not be significant at all
as we do not reject the statement
that doesn’t mean we accept it.

we created ourselves
a flawed system of mathematics
where people can abuse it
to create whatever truth
that they choose to believe,
to create whatever lies
that they choose to not tell.

can we handle the truth?


sadly, we can’t

even if we can,
we only choose to listen part of it,
never the entirety.

if we ever learn the truth,
we might never go back to living normal
the normal that we live in
so comfortably
is exactly what we like most,
sugary sweet goodness,
it just makes you feel so good,
living in a state of denial,
detesting feeling pain.

the normal that we live in is flawed,
we can never go back to that.
if we continue to live in the state,
we will never meet the truth.

no one dares to speak of truth anymore
no one even dares to
live by truth anymore.

we are just masks
strewn across the atmosphere
drifting around aimlessly
hoping to achieve something,

no one knows,
no one dares to know about the truth anymore,
we prefer to live sweetly,
happily ever after,
like in our castle in the clouds.

what is truth?
love cloaked in pain.

that’s my take on it.
i choose to believe this is what truth is.

truth hurts,
truth tells,
truth reveals,
truth never hides.

it is us who are running away
from the truth,
like never before.

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