Fasting for 10 Days

It was almost a month into MCO in Malaysia and the virus was still vicious in spreading. Since I cannot do much helping the frontliners except for staying at home, I decided to do something more spiritual in aid to help out the people who are fighting the virus. Although it might seem unnecessary, but to me, praying plus fasting is essential in giving a boost to the spiritual realm of the world.

Easter was on the 12th of April and our church did launch a 10-day prayer and fasting in conjunction with Easter. In addition to celebrate Easter, another huge purpose of doing this is to pray and fast for the eradication of the virus. Although you might have not heard of christians fasting, no need to worry, I also knew about this only few years back.

Just a brief description about Easter. It was the day when Jesus rose again from the grave 3 days after his crucifixion due to the betrayal by one of his disciples. He could have easily avoided the most painful punishment invented by humankind, but he chose to sacrifice Himself just to wash away our sins because He loves us.

I have never fasted before in my life, discounting those unintentional ones when I was too busy until I forgotten to have my meals. This time with the intention of fasting and praying for a good cause, I decided that I would fast faithfully for these 10 days after so long.

Quick tip, it is important to tell yourself that you are going to fast so your body would be prepared for it.

The fasting options presented by my church did give looser options compared to full fast. A full fast meant not eating or drinking anything from the moment after sunrise until sundown. I knew I could not take it even though I was in MCO with lesser usage of calories, my mind was not able to take it. I opted for a partial fast where I was only allowed to drink water in that sunrise-sundown period – around 12 hours.

I did try to not drink water if not needed to, I also tweaked the fast a little because I could not wake up so early, I fasted for a shorter period- around 10 hours, I also added a fast on my electronic device as fasting is not just restricting your temptations to food and water, it is restricting your temptations in general.

Day 1, woke up at 8 a.m. ish washed up and had eggs and bread for breakfast. After that, I instantly started fasting. I did not use my phone for Youtube, I did peek at it for a good half an hour and then I started doing Maths and learning new stuffs. Around 1 in the afternoon, I took a nap due to feeling objectively fatigue after using my brain for a couple of hours and not drinking any water or eating. I woke up around 2 and resumed with learning or completing assignments at hand. At 5.30 p.m. I helped out to cook and ate at around 6.30 p.m. Washed up and studied some more until 9.00 p.m. when I got to tune in to Youtube live for the prayer session.

This cycle resumed for 10 days. The time that I felt the kick of drinking water or eating was around 5 p.m. other than that were just nuances that frustrated me during lunch time.

The first few days were more difficult compared to the other days. But once you get the hang of the hunger and thirst, your body will be okay.

One more challenge that was presented to me was when I was praying at night with the live video, it was a challenge to keep my mind at peace and focusing on praying. I kept thinking about other things and it was a havoc to make myself at peace for that prayer session. But, I did manage to calm my mind down after a few good minutes of paying attention to the prayer.

All in all, I had a great time praying and fasting. It really taught me how to deal with earthly temptations and also doing it for a good cause spiritually for this trying times. I will do it in the future when my church launches this type of 10-day prayer and fasting or I will fast once per month.

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