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Hey everybody, I’m Bryan. Welcome to the new series on the channel called Write with Ink where I write Chinese calligraphy. The purpose of doing this show is to make sure I still know how to use Chinese, improve my calligraphy skills, and let other people know more about chinese calligraphy in honour of my late shifu. A trigger warning for professional chinese calligraphy artist watching, my style of writing calligraphy is more ‘da zhong’, that means more appealing to the public, but not for the professional eyes because i do cut corners in my writing. Once we get these clear, let’s get into today’s episode.

Since it’s the first ever episode, I need to design some words to be used as the intro and also some other sections of the show. I am planning to do the show where we can explore different types of writing styles by ancient and modern people, the meaning of different writings, and I will give it my own touch to give the words my own ‘style’.

Without further ado, let’s read the words that I am going to write with ink:

i) Mo Han
ii) Mo Xiang
iii) Pan Yang
iv) Mo Ji
v) Mo Yin

That’s all I can think about, my Chinese has its limits. So, here are my thoughts about the words. Mo Han is good but difficult to recognise the word, I have to even google it to know how it sounds like and what it means, Mo Xiang is also good because it talks about the fragrance of the ink, but it lacks originality. Pan Yang is actually my alias that I go by when writing calligraphy, it’s a contraction of my Chinese name, Pan Chu Yang, it feels self-centred if I name the show with my name, I do not want to represent myself as the cover of an entire culture. The rest was left would be Mo Ji and Mo Yin.

I only could work with the stuffs that I had at that time because most of my materials were left in uni. So, it was difficult to be writing calligraphy with the tools and the form that I had.

It took my almost two hours to create a watch-able scene (intro) for the series as I kept screwing up the framing, timing and kept bumping into the camera for a number of times. I was clearly frustrated.

But, nonetheless, I completed the task and produced the video.

Plus, the editing part took me another 6 hours to do. I never imagined Youtube to be this difficult.

Here is my final product:

Calligraphy Design Art of Write With Ink

Here is my Instagram:

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