Class Review & Sorting Notes (UTM)

Since it is almost the end of my 2nd semester, it is time to sort out my notes in an orderly fashion and snap the tutorials, finals, tests and notes into a soft-copy form.

It is honestly not much but I just compile them to share with my course mates or other people who needs it. That is what I do and I just like to share what I have with them since the university is incapable of doing so, even just the final answers (not including the working) they are unable to give, with accuracy and precision. So, I am just doing what I felt like that is needed to be done.

I have taken four Maths courses for this semester, namely: Computer Programming, Linear Algebra, Mathematical Method 2, and Differential Equation 1.

Before I start cleaning up my notes, I will be giving a short recap of what I have learned and perhaps a review of the class, not including the lecturers, I do not want to be biased.

Disclaimer: I am allowed to voice out my opinion, pointing out the problems of at least the course structure, I do not want to go into how the lecturers are for now as I think if I get a lecturer who do not suck, then I am okay already. I do not want to rile up things for me for now.

The first one is Mathematical Method 2, I have learned about various tests for convergence for series and sequences, Taylor and Maclaurin series, partial derivatives, double and also triple integral. In general this course for me is easy, from a difficulty scale of 1 to 5, I would give it a 1. To be honest, I have seen some of these previously and the course does not really test on the ‘deep’ analysis part of these stuffs, what I meant by that is mostly we just sub formula and solve equations, there were almost no deriving or understanding of the formula used. It took me around 1 month to finish the syllabus and around a week to complete the tutorials and tests given. I feel like this course could be combined with another one of the courses that I have taken in the previous semester, which is Mathematical Methods 1, because my engineering friends’ Engineering Mathematics actually covers 80 of two of courses in one. So, since we are not really doing any sort of analysis, why not?

The second one is Differential equations. I have learned 4 simple methods to solve First Order Differential Equations. (Bernoulli, substitution, linear, separable) I also learned about how to solve second or higher order differential equations. Lastly was Laplace Transforms. Among the three, the first section I have learned before during Form 6; the second and last sectionI have learned it before using khanacademy when I was younger. So, the difficulty level for this course is 1. Same issue with the first course that I mentioned. I am going to take another course called Differential Equation 2 in the next semester, but I have finished studying all of it, including finished the tests given. It took me about 2-3 weeks to finish DE2. So, I feel like these two course can be combined to make things more interesting. One more weird thing that I found out is that in 2013 (around there), DE1 and DE2 are actually combined (around 80 percent) So, why are evolving, backwards?

The third one is Linear Algebra. I have learned the fundamentals of Linear Algebra (types of matrices and how to add, minus, find the inverse of matrices), solving system of equations, vector spaces, linear transformation, eigenvectors. As you can see, half of these stuff are actually taught in A-Level Maths / Further Maths, and I have taught people A-Levels previously. So, I am deeply questioning the standards that are set here. Nonetheless, another 1 in difficulty for me. It should be more challenging and more thorough, I noticed when I was learning vector space using khanacademy, there were quite a number of things that are important not mentioned in our books. So, why not make it more complete?

Lastly is computer programming, an introduction to C++. Initially I was going to give it a 1 again but after today’s test, I have to bump it up to a three due to the uncertainty factor of the tests and finals. The materials that are given in the book are just the tip of the iceberg. The test today was literally soul-shattering, although it was online, the codings to it were not talked about during classes or in the materials given. At least, that was my take about it. So, ya. If you want to have tests or finals about some topics that are not in the book, at least tell us before hand so that at least we can have a preparation. What I wanted to say the course was not well planned, the course learning outcome did not tally with the tests. At least that is how I feel about it.

All in all, the course are generally easy, almost too easy. I feel like these course can be combined with others, like DE 1 with DE 2, MM1 and MM2. And, please bump up the standards of the courses, we are here for a bachelor of degree in Mathematics, not a degree in engineering, we are here to learn how to do analysis on formula, not just using them plainly.

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