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人生有幾多個十年 – 柴九(巾幗梟雄)

How many ten years can a person have?

Hey everyone, today on Write with Ink, I am going to design this quote of Chai Kau from a 2009 Hong Kong series titled 巾幗梟雄 (jin1 guo2 xiao1 xiong2), Rosy Business.

This quote is actually very, very popular at that time. The drama is about drama in a family business regarding rice in the olden days of China. Almost everyone who watched this drama or ever heard of it would have known about this quote. The quote was used by Chai Kau in many impactful ways around the drama. And even taken out of context, it is quite meaningful.

This quote is on the difficult side of designing because there are many easy words in the quote. In calligraphy, the easier the word structure, the harder it is to write and vice versa. It is because the 结构 jie2 gou4 (structure) of the word must be symmetric inside a square. For complicated word structures, it is easy to balance things out because there are many components and you will be more cautious when writing it. But, for easy word structures, there are too little things to balance from and it is easy to make mistakes.

You will see what I meant in a second.

Watch the video below for the full process:

The calligraphy photo is attached below:

Leave your comments down below about my calligraphy? Is it good?

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Thanks for watching and reading the post. See you next week!

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