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Hey everyone, I am Bryan. Today I am designing the quote 正義 from One Piece Marines. Technically, it is a word but since it is printed on every marine’s attire, I will call it a quote.

The word 正義 can be read as Zheng4 Yi4 in Chinese, and direct translates to Justice in English. As we know in the state of the world right now, justice needs to be served wherever and whenever it is needed. In Chinese, Justice is formed from two individual words which is Zheng4 and Yi4.

This actually gives me an idea of how to design the word. I know which style to apply for each word. For Zheng4, it means straight, sturdy, real or true, and as for Yi4 is means meaning, so perhaps how the Chinese language views the word Justice is for every situation, there is a different meaning for the truth behind it. That means justice means differently for different people and it can bring the real thing into light.

Hmm… Deep.

As usual I will do two iterations on this word, one using my style another using what I can find on the internet (probably 隶书)

So, let’s jump right into it.

Here is my final product.

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Hope you liked it! Leave down in the comments below which one you fill like it is better, the left one or the right one? Let me know in the comments sections below.

Thanks for watching. See you next week with another design.

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