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Hey everyone, welcome back to Write with Ink and also to my Youtube Channel. This is the first time that I make this kind of update videos. I think this is about time I make this video as I am making some changes to my life. 

Before that, I just want to thank all of those have supported me via Instagram and also this Youtube channel. We have hit two milestones last week, one is this Youtube channel has hit 100 subscribers, two is my calligraphy Instagram has hit 1000 followers, I am really grateful for all that is happening in these two platforms, it is really awesome having to do my passions and be able to share with you guys. Really thank you. 

I know I just did a similar video to this in the past few ones, but this is slightly different, in this video I want to lay out my plans, the general direction of where are all these platforms are heading. 

Okay, what are the changes happening to my life? Nothing major to you but it is for me. If you have been following me for some time, you might know that I am not really happy with what I am studying right now, and some part of me despised the fact that this mediocrity is happening to me which is really bad for my mental and heart. So, unconsciously and consciously, I had made some efforts to make myself more fulfilled by actually learning some new things and not wasting anymore of my precious time. 

Effort #1 Learning a new language, namely Japanese. I want to learn Japanese for a long time already, and now since I have a lot of free time, why not? My goal is to score an N1 JLPT cert in two years time. By this I am able to work or intern in Japan. I will make a more detailed video in the future, but for now I will be seating for the N5 exam this coming December. So, wish me luck with this. 

Effort #2 Doing creative stuffs, my Youtube and Instagram. As you can see, I have been quite consistent with my Youtube and Instagram uploads. I am going to make the effort in which I will post one video weekly on Youtube which is not related to calligraphy and try to make 6 Write with Ink episodes monthly. 

But wait, where is my beloved Maths? To be honest, the experience that I had with my uni for the past year really landed a big negative blow on me recently, it did put me into a really sad state, it made me disheartened and lose passion for Maths. This is sad but true. A simple life lesson from me, do not ever let the environment influence you even though it always does, which is why there is this video and changes to my life. 

You might ask, why didn’t you put effort in changing the uni and the people? Bruh, public unis in Malaysia have a shit ton of bureaucracies and the people are unwilling to embrace or create change, so even if you want to change something, it will take literally ages, which is never. So, ya, no point in doing so, not worth the effort. However, do not worry, I did receive prayers from my cell and also did talk to some of my friends from the course, and now I have a clearer head, which leads me to 

Effort #3 Picking up online courses. Since my uni’s Maths course does not really teach what is required, so I need to take up the responsibility to teach myself what is lacking and what is really required if I want to get into the top unis overseas. I will probably use MITOCW or some other paid platforms, and probably also get some notes from my friends at engineering and study some of their stuffs which is more challenging and useful. If you have any other suggestions as to where I can learn more research base Maths or things that are required fr the future industry online, please leave a comment down below, I would really, really appreciate it. 

Ok, we are done with the efforts, now to the general direction of all these. For all that I do, I just want to have personal growth and fulfilment, our brains are created for expansion not stagnancy or doing nothing. 

For my Youtube, it is another platform for me to share and empower other people and also adds value to my viewers. 

For my calligraphy, I intend to venture into this blue ocean which is barely touched in Malaysia. In other words, I want to create a brand around my calligraphy, making it into something special, a font that brings life. Making something of barely any value into something valuable is a tough one, so if you have any books or anyone I can turn to, comment down below too, I really need it. 

These are my plans for the next few months. In the near future, you will see some merch like socks, calendar, mugs, clothes and et cetera. Expanding to other platforms. Better quality videos. Some collabs. Some huge projects. Livestream, maybe? All I want to say is more exciting stuffs will come. 

Once again, thank you so much for the support from Instagram and Youtube. If you haven’t subscribe, subscribe lah. Smash like and share this video. And follow me on Instagram @mo4ji4. Thanks for watching. Stay tuned for more.

Stay safe. Peace. 

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