How to sell our 2021 New Year T-Shirts.

Hey everyone. Welcome back to Write with Ink. I’m Bryan. Today we are going to talk about the 2021 new year t-shirts that I am selling. 

We have the 2021+ Shirt White, 2021+ Shirt Red, Blessed T-Shirt, and the Destiny T-Shirt. 

The sound quality on that was just terrible. So, I just decided to film another one now. 

Selling shirts is not easy, especially if it is your first time and your network is not that great. Plus, there is a ton of work behind everything. 

In this small venture, I partnered up with Sharon who is a full-time graphic designer to help me out with this. 

Me and Sharon took about two weeks to come out with the ideas. Generally, the process is that I write the ideas down on paper with calligraphy, snap them with my phone and send them as a photoshop file to her. Then, she will refine it for print using illustrator. 

That process itself took us quite a long time because I did not have enough good ideas to be put on a shirt.

And here are my failed drafts. Look at the number of ideas churned out. Just to get four of them to put on a shirt. 

These are the four shirts. There are only three designs but we wanted to make this series into four variants so we just changed one of the colours to make another variant. 

The first design is the 2021+ t-Shirt, which comes in white or red. The main idea behind this is pretty easy, we just changed the number ‘one’ in 2021 to the chinese character of one. This worked quite well because if you rotate the number 90 degrees and you will get the chinese character one. Plus, we also wanted to highlight the ‘one’ because we want to encourage people to do one more of different different things for the new year. 

The second design is a typical blessings t-shirt. Very typical but I gave it a twist by writing it on a very very big piece of paper. Let me show you the drafts. 

The third design is a destiny t-shirt. I got this inspiration from the internet, more specifically from the anime ‘Your Name’ where the character talked about the concept of ‘musubi’. Then, it struck me that in Chinese culture, we also have something very similar to it, which is in this red string pendant, and it is closely related to the word destiny in chinese. By combining these two elements together, Walla, we have the design. 

After finalising everything, we waited for the sample shirts to print out. And we went to a photoshoot. We got two of our friends, Rex and Xin Yu to help out with this modelling shoot. Here are some shots that we took. 

After that photoshoot, knowing me, I did some extra work for my calligraphy account. It was way more extra work doing these, and most likely would not help out in the promotion part. But, I wanted it to be done and here we are. 

We shot a total of 2 videos. One was me writing the chinese character ‘one’ and another is writing the word ‘blessing’. I did screw things up quite a number of times but we still got the videos out. It was something new for me and a good learning curve for me because I got to practise how to get better footage. 

Next is editing. Here is the painful part. As you might know, my editing skills are just so-so and I still have my assignments to deal with. So this was rather intense. I learned a lot here too as to the hows and the principles of editing. Sharon guided me a lot, a big thank you to her. 

After editing, we have to sell the shirts. This video is also part of the promo. Of course, I also did some of the marketing and ads via facebook. 

This is how you design and sell the 2021 New Year T-Shirts. If you like the designs, or you are finding something nice to wear for 2021 or the Chinese New Year, buy the shirts from us. Buying shirts from us not only supports small local businesses / ventures like us and also this will help promote this traditional art of calligraphy into the general audience. 

All the money earned on my side will be put into producing better work and higher budget videos / art pieces. 

Thanks for watching this video. Look at graph. Look at graph. Smash the subscribe button for more in the future. Don’t forget the like and share this video to support small aspiring local artist like me. Buy the 2021 New Year Shirts to support my art. Once again, thanks for watching. Stay safe. Peace. 


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