i am grateful for 2020

2020 has been a rough year for everyone. I believe that 2020 is not a year that is expected by anyone at all. It is a very different year as compared to others, and it definitely caught us off guard.

There are many voices saying that 2020 is the worst year ever, 2020 is screwed up, 2020 should be cancelled, 2020 is such a terrible year, 2020 is so messed up, 2020 should be forgotten, 2020 is the shittiest year ever. Yes, 2020 is a bad year, it is a fact, but I think we should be grateful even as we are still surviving at the end of 2020. Give a pat to yourself if you are still surviving this year and stepping into a new year.

As we close the curtains for 2020, this is the time of the year where we sit down, reflect about the year and be grateful for whatever that had happened to us for this year. 

I am grateful for 2020 because it is a wake-up call for me. Recently, I have changed course from doing Pure Maths to Mechanical Engineering. This decision is a hard one, I love Maths from the bottom of my heart but in reality what I was doing was not even enough to be considered training to become a Mathematician or even to become more competent as a life-long learner, the reality check was real as I had a lot of time in my hands during the MCO to think about what I was really doing. So, I took the steps that I needed, not what I wanted, to get myself to a better learning opportunity. I am grateful that I took this step out of my comfort zone, doing things that I am not used to, and learning more as I progress. I am grateful for this wake-up call. 

I am grateful for 2020 because I get to achieve a lot from the creative aspect of my life. A few months back, I have started posting actively on my Instagram for my calligraphy art and also some infrequent videos on Youtube. Although these are just small numbers, but I do feel that I have another platform to voice out my opinions and express myself in video or art form. My goal of all these is to build a legacy based off my calligraphy and to tell memorable stories through Youtube. I am going to keep on this venture for my calligraphy and Youtube. There are more exciting stuffs to come, I got some invitations to do some calligraphy. So, subscribe to my Youtube or follow me on Instagram to see what I have in store. I am grateful for these opportunities and breakthroughs in my creative spectrum. I am grateful for the people who appreciate what I am doing. 

I am grateful for 2020 because I still have friends who supported me and helped me through 2020. I am grateful for them for just being present when I need help and vice versa. I am grateful that I could connect with friends who I had not met in a long time through the online platforms available and just being able to spend time with them felt great. I am grateful for the people in my life, good or bad, I can choose how should I react. I am grateful for you, all of you. 

I am grateful for 2020 because God is more present more frequently in my life. As a believer, I do not think that I have spent that much time with God in the previous years, or that much quality with Him. When MCO hit, I feel like I have more time to think and to seek God. Although there were times during this year where I totally lost control of my time to games and social media. I did pray for God to help me out of this. In addition, I also did pray for a lot more during this period. I am grateful that I got to strengthen my connection with God even through this trying times. I am grateful for all that He has done. 

Thank you 2020 for all the experiences, changes and learning curves. I am grateful for 2020. 

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4 thoughts on “i am grateful for 2020

  1. its nice hearing someone not complain about 2020 for once, cause personally it was a time of self reflection for everyone when you think about it. also THE MEMES

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