Calligrapher Designs Spring Couplets on The Streets for Chinese New Year

Gong Hei Fatt Choi everyone, welcome back to write with ink. I am Bryan. Today we are going to be filming on the streets of Petalling Street. Joining me today is Photographer Kelvin, a very pro photographer, go follow him on instagram. 

The main thing that we are going to film today is me writing chinese calligraphy on the streets, more specifically spring couplets or chun lian. Spring Couplets are Chinese New Year Decors that were initially used to scare away the ancient monster called Nian, but now, times have changed, Spring Couplets are just merely CNY decorations. 

We have chosen 3 different streets within Petalling Street earlier in the morning in order to film the scenes. Out of so many places, why do I choose this place to film? First, this place is public, second, i do not want to deal with any kind of logistics, thirdly the background is better looking compared to my room. 

The filming parts are rather smooth, but we run into some problems in each of the locations. The first street that we picked was too small and crammed, so it was quite difficult to move around. The second street that we picked was too crowded with people, everyone started to flock around me and watched me write calligraphy, it is not a good thing and the scenes taken were mostly obstructed by people. The third street, the third street was fine, just that we were quite tired during this last shot. 

Nonetheless, we got the scenes needed to make the commercials. Yes you heard it right, I tried to sell my handwritten spring couplets to the Malaysian market. So naturally, I needed some materials for marketing. Last year, I attempted to sell these online but the sales was bad, really bad, because I did not put in as much effort as compared to this, naturally it just would not sell. This year, again, I am doing all these just to earn a bit of a side income in order to pay off some of my material fees for my calligraphy and also to share this culture online. Nothing surprising here, the sales of the Spring Couplets were not as good also, mainly because of the MCO in Malaysia, many people are not in the mood to celebrate this festivity, and also there is this problem where Malaysian Calligraphers keep giving away these writings for free which will absolutely devalue it to zero. 

However, I want to thank all of you who bought the spring couplets from me, thank you for all your support. This experience is a learning curve for me to grow as a calligrapher, I have learned a lot from this. 

Thank you so much for watching, stay safe. See you in the next video. Peace. 

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