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i write

i do

whatever that i like.

Life is a journey of uncertainties and decisions which will take us to unexpected places to collect timeless mementos which are significantly embedded at the back of our minds. As we cruise through this life, it will end in a blink of an eye thus we must have the savvy to cherish our times of the good, the bad and the ugly. This undulated path of life makes us stumble upon rocks of pain, mud of sticky situations, blooming flowers of relationships and the enigmatic nature of our Master Planner.

Writing acts as an avenue for me to express my feelings and thoughts cloaked as words. Although there are 26 letters in the alphabet, it is still insufficient to express some feelings which we experience in our everyday life. Harnessing my ability to achieve impeccable felicity is a far-fetched idea but I will put in unremitting effort and time to produce the best of what I could do.

A paroxysm of inexplicable “push” rushed through my bloodstream which prompt me to write out my feelings. The urge of writing became immensely strong out of the blue so I started to jot down the moments of my life which are worth reminiscing.

“Sir, I need some advice on how to write fiction better,” I asked my English teacher.

“Just use the vocabs I gave you and write however you want.” Sir answered with sarcasm.

I stunned. “But… I can…”

“For fictional writing, you could write whatever you want.” Sir interjected, “but remember to make your ideas clear and let the flow be there.”

That was it!? I was astonished by what Sir had said. My writing was all along trapped in the perpetual prison of exam-style writing. Now, I proudly announce that the bars are raised and have the prerogative to write however I liked by just following the basic rules of English.

“Actually, Sir” I cleared my throat,” I… I want to record my real life experience such as first time falling in love, how pride devoured me…”

I stopped when I saw Sir’s jaw dropped.

“That’s… won..derful…” Sir was rendering his thoughts, “Keep it up, write when the ‘kick’ comes, regardless of grammar and vocabulary and length. Record them on paper and keep at least two copies for each work.”

I nodded as a gesture of marking his words down.

“Use the thesaurus when needed, do not keep copies in your electronic devices,”he said skeptically, “Just to prevent loss of data from hackers and malfunction of those devices,”

“But all these are just very short writings, what could they do?” I questioned.

“When time comes, things will fall in place.”

Hope. Joy.. Feeling cloaked as words.