this is an act a balancing act of life doing this, doing that; rushing here, rushing there. “ain’t you tired?” “don’t do so much.” the voices around me sounding out of my body, my soul, the people around me. i know i know this is tiring i know sometimes i might lose track about keepingContinue reading “balance”

To Places No One Goes

Where am I? How did I end up here? Questions upon questions Life, this is. I will go where You would go Take the lead and I will follow You To places no one goes Say the word and I will follow I will go where You would go Take the lead and I willContinue reading “To Places No One Goes”

Reach For Hope

Traversing through the concrete jungle, Entering the hearts of lions, Gleaming resplendently in the crescent night, Where love and hope is relative. I want to know how far I can go; I want to know how high I can reach. Been through the depths of the ravenous valley, Seeking darkness in the midst of darkness,Continue reading “Reach For Hope”

One Lost Sheep

. lost . blind . wandering in nothingness the pasture where green promulgates at sight, wholly. pondering about castles built in the air wondering about directions in the vastness of aimlessness. “where am i?” “why am i still here?” questions upon questions left unanswered perhaps there are no answers to these questions. i better stopContinue reading “One Lost Sheep”

A Story Left Untold

From Nazareth, To Bethlehem. Traversing in the dark, Following the unwavering light. No matter how lost you think you are; No matter how dark the route is; No matter how much you do not understand Just know that He is always there. He is always there Even if you do not know. He is alwaysContinue reading “A Story Left Untold”

catharsis :re #finale

I am alive, I can breathe, I will rise again. Lesson learned, Advice heeded, Eyes opened. No more depression, No more self-depreciation, No more meaninglessness. Hopes, Dreams, Love, Restored. The light penetrated through the murkiness of darkness. My fears dissipated away along with the darkness that was a part of me. I was saved ByContinue reading “catharsis :re #finale”

Patience (Restrung)

. . . Wait . . . Wait . . . nothing. … nothing has happened yet. … maybe it is just too early. i mean. what can i expect from doing the same thing for a year or so. my hands are full. i cannot possibly do more than this. . . Falling, Failing,Continue reading “Patience (Restrung)”

re: hope #29

the thin gossamer thread that i held on for years it has not snapped nor has it torn apart, it remained stout, sturdy and solid. Through the depths hell, Over the nine mountains and eight seas, There is nothing That could cut This thread of hope, Not even the dreadful depression, Nor even the sinisterContinue reading “re: hope #29”

re:surrected #28

Awakened, I am unconscious no more, I am in control. Although I am still in the midst Of darkness And wastage, I am more in control, compared to last time. It is me who have the carte blanche over me, not my desires, not my body, not my dissatisfaction, it my heart and mind, myContinue reading “re:surrected #28”