Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.




Claustrophobic, the matt white walls towering on both of my sides, it was tight, just nice for me to walk through. The walls came in contact with my skin, something's wrong, I thought, I'm going to be a mesh pile if I don't... I... Continue Reading →

March For Science

Homosapiens, human, people, person, or whatever we label ourselves, we are a species, one-of-a-kind. We are special because we have a friend, a rival, a motivator, a troublemaker, a foe, something that is innate in us since the dawn of... Continue Reading →

All We Don’t Know (Finale)

Thunk. The piece of stale bread rolled towards me, drips of drinkable water fell upon my head, signifying me that was meal time. This happened at sporadic hours, I tried counting, but failed because when people were locked in an... Continue Reading →

All We Don’t Know (Part.3)

My body was brushing against the floor, two strong hands pulled me out of the hazy hole of smoke, I choked and gasped for air desperately. The taste of air soothed my respiratory tracts, quenched my parched lungs. My vision... Continue Reading →

All We Don’t Know (Part.2)

It was an ordinary lift, but it transported us around 100 metres below sea level based on the velocity that the lift was traveling. I did the calculations in my head to keep my head off the painful reality that... Continue Reading →

All We Don’t Know. (Part. 1)

There was a single thread of light, the only speck of brightness that enlightened the cell. The crammed walls of the cell made me feel claustrophobic. The chains were still intact to my arms, pinning me down on my knees... Continue Reading →

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