Tiny Pictures [sunset]

夕陽無限好, 只是近黃昏。
李商隐 《登乐游原》
Photo by @key_to_kye

Sunset is infinitely good.
Sunset is infinitely short.

Sunset: the end of a day; the most beautiful moment. 
It is all about perspective, captured at that hour. 
The words are written using small calligraphy brush. 
White is applied to create a contrast between the photo and the first stanza. 
Black is kept to express ‘sunset’. 

Original Translation of the poem:
Sunset is infinitely beautiful but also infinitely short. How many of us will cherish this moment? 

10×10 Expo 2021 #1 & #2. All Rights Reserved.
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Photographer: @key_to_kye
Calligrapher: @mo4ji4

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