Tiny Reminders.

Sticker box
Printed by: @mummydesign.art.print
12 of each design + 2 of my logos. 50 stickers in total in the box.

Individual Stickers
Do not fear tiredness
stuck on my head.
Just Do Lah
Don’t Play Play.
please fuck off *gently*

別浪 (bie2 lang4) – don’t play play. 
別煩我 (bie2 fan2 wo3) – please fuck off *gently*
別怕累 (bie2 pa4 lei4)- don’t be scared of tiredness

Stick this on your stuffs to remind yourself or others about your vibes. 

Container contains: 12 of each designs with 2 of my logo inside. Total 50 pieces. Matt finish.

10×10 Expo 2021 #5. All Rights Reserved.
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Sticker supplier: @mummydesign.art.print
Calligrapher: @mo4ji4

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