take courage

deep down where you are truly are the most rudimental form of you. it is a will, a compassion, a purpose, a meaning, a purpose to bring meaning to this world that slowly loses its meaning. on the surface we are facing shit, surrounded by temptations, chained by realism, within a city of glass whereContinue reading “take courage”

Katharsis #2

what am i doing? what… what have i been doing for these years? it has been so long since i come back to my senses i am still lingering in the past. this change is not easy it is a transition an awakening looking back reflecting pondering realising that i have been lost. i amContinue reading “Katharsis #2”


Meditating, cross-legged in the waterfall. The water pummeled against my whole being, pressurising my aura, fortifying it into a tougher state. My katana laid silently on my lap. Time was relative. I kept my posture as long as I could without focusing on anything except the essence of nothingness. As cleansing was in process, myContinue reading “Faceless”

Equanimity Siege

“5 nautical miles.” the flurried voice blurred across our ears, “Subject closing in. Alpha, stand-by.” The operation was schemed three months beforehand, we knew the carriage was to be captured and to be seized by the Malaysia’s authorities, we were given orders to obliterate it into smithereens. Armed with an anti-matter grenade to destroy theContinue reading “Equanimity Siege”


Given life into this world peeled from daylight, I saw a sea of stars weaved across the skies, not knowing that my span here was transient. I simply relish the way that I was brought into this world, shrouded in moonlight, trees, humid night air, and a million stars overhung above my vision. As IContinue reading “Firefly”

A Tinge of Luck

My hands were cupped in my bosom, decomposing the orchestrated fear in my palpitating heartbeat, that of a loose cannon, I could not grasp hold of the solid reality, but helplessly sinking into the chimerical world built around my head. The precipice was acrophobic, my legs jellied, my hands writhed wildly, my head spinning. IContinue reading “A Tinge of Luck”