re:surrected #28

Awakened, I am unconscious no more, I am in control. Although I am still in the midst Of darkness And wastage, I am more in control, compared to last time. It is me who have the carte blanche over me, not my desires, not my body, not my dissatisfaction, it my heart and mind, myContinue reading “re:surrected #28”

Maths Anxiety

Arghhh…. Screw it! I flung my pen unto the table, crashing myself onto the bed where I sink myself into the soft cuddle of inferiority, churning in me as exasperation slowly chewed me off bit by bit, until I started scrolling my phone as a diversion. Instagram, twitter, then Youtube. Nothing interesting, I got up, drank aContinue reading “Maths Anxiety”

Once More…

I sat at my usual spot, right beneath the air-conditioner, averse to cold, but it was my usual spot. My fingers rambling across the keyboard, lines of words emerge from the pixelated screen. She sat athwart my seat, colouring, colours frolicked upon the paper, her waned dark-russet hair shielded her complexion. I could not helpContinue reading “Once More…”