Pandang Ke Timur

Dasar Pandang Ke Timur has been the main inspiration and belief heeded by our current and fourth Prime Minister- Tun Mahathir (Tun M). He loves to reference Japan as a role model to be followed and moulded into, most of the policies in Malaysia implemented some gist from Japan. I was oblivion before, I finallyContinue reading “Pandang Ke Timur”

Bornt On A Silver Platter, Biting Off A Silver Spoon.

China is a country with the economy that is growing exponentially, and the density of humans in it is expanding with great speed. Although the government of China set a restriction to the child birth by one child per family in the past decades, and two children per family just recently. The implementation of thisContinue reading “Bornt On A Silver Platter, Biting Off A Silver Spoon.”