Blue, Blue Sky.

The polished jet black grand piano stood signularly across the room, the strings were beating in a melodious tone, the keys were capering gracefully, dancing in the rhythm of the heart, and moulding the shape of you. I postured myself in a comfortable position, the grand piano was placed in a vicinity where sunlight orContinue reading “Blue, Blue Sky.”

Fair Lady

His slender fingers across the black and white keys, the grandiose feelings that her poured into the strings bringing the crowd into a swing of emotions. The audience have their ears pinned to his melodious notes, lacing themselves into a wondrous sonata, a picturesque yet quaint sight to witness. The resplendent sombre glow of theContinue reading “Fair Lady”

Maths is Beautiful

Disclaimer: This is posted already as a guest post, but I just wanted to post it here as a remembrance of this post. What… My brain took some time to digest the question, it was associated with one of the formulas on Taylor’s or Maclaurin’s, I could not recall the form of the formula becauseContinue reading “Maths is Beautiful”

Beautiful Feet

The bushes ahead were thicker than we expected. Machete in my hand, chopping through the greens, making a path for our platoon of five, not for war nor any blood shed, but to carry the medical supplies to the ill-torn villagers in the deepest valley of Afghanistan where the nearest medical center was few hundredContinue reading “Beautiful Feet”