Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.




Sprawling across the field covered in sweat as the sun dipped into the horizon, contouring the skies in a russet gold that illuminated the limelight of the dawn. I was exhausted, lethargic and wearied, wasted by the greed inside me,... Continue Reading →


Believe In Yourself.

So do not throw your confidence away, it holds a great reward. - Hebrews 10:35 Confidence is the key to success.¬†Bullshit.¬†Most of us are tired and some hated this kind of speech, it contradicts so much with our everyday encounter... Continue Reading →

“You Can Do This.”

Re-discovered, Re-ignited, Re-inspired. I'm ready, I'm prepared To face the world. Pummeled down, Demolished, Crushed, My hopes and dreams, Once again, I'm lost. "I can't do this shit anymore." No. Losing myself Into the feedback loop From hell. "This is... Continue Reading →

2 + 2 = 5

White. Matt white. It was what my eyes perceived. I was strapped unto a chair, metallic, my bare back against the cold steel, sticking chillingly at my back. Silence was next. My nostrils were deluged with the arid air, spelling... Continue Reading →

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