Somnolent night embellished with bulbous stars that emanated a mellow vogue of dark shade. He wasn’t back yet. It’s been days now. Working he said. I doubt so. These doubtful thoughts demented my mind, drove me into overthinking, almost reaching insanity. Tick. Tick. Thump. Thump. Squeak. It was he at the door, he looked ravishingContinue reading “Faith-Broken”

Cherry Blossomed (Finale)

Teressa, reporting into service, operation Omega, code number-0331, target locked down, Jason, not much information acquired, physical, 1.75 metres in height, bald, sinewy, random dressing style, no pattern detected, no information attained about the convoy, all seemed normal. Signing out, Teressa, 13 May 2000. It was her voice, stern, mechanical, robotic in style, I usedContinue reading “Cherry Blossomed (Finale)”