Lust Devoured (X-Rated)

The contours of her breasts were divulging through the cleavage that was intended in the scorching afternoon after school. She caught my eyes several times after knowing that she was a new kid on the block, and had a rich background. I got to get some ‘hi’s and ‘bye’s with her, scrutinising every curves thatContinue reading “Lust Devoured (X-Rated)”

My Big Hand And His Small Hand

“Mom… Could you bring me to school? It’s the first day.”¬†Wah… My child is growing up. My big palms swallowed his, leading him into the gates for the very first time in his life time, and in mine, with him. “Mom…” He was crying as he entered the door into our home, “I got scolded…Continue reading “My Big Hand And His Small Hand”