The ship was carrying about a hundred people with livestock in it, exceeding the maximum limit of the ship’s carriage. Its destination was to get these refugees to a safe spot across the ocean into the promised land, overflowing with silk and honey, into safety. Everyone was minding their own business, worrying about whether orContinue reading ““ABANDON SHIP!””

A New Life

The antiseptic filled air was tarrying around the mask of the doctors, not into the nose of her, she was heaving heavily, having the epidural to suppress all her pain. Screams of her promulgated the room, the doctors did not frantic as they were rehearsed a couple hundred times. Her husband was not in, aContinue reading “A New Life”

A Portrait of A World

A routine for a decade, waking up, preparing breakfast for Mr. Landall, setting up the dining area for the morning, feeding the dog, and bringing the morning paper from the derelict mailbox which stood there even before I was here. I sauntered around the vicinity of the mansion. The weather was clear, but humid, summer was hitting soonerContinue reading “A Portrait of A World”