Talk Too Much.

Looking at you, Making me wonder, How much I don’t know, And want to know about you. It is inevitable, You are painted Across my mind, Throughout the days. I could not get you Out of my mind, Perhaps, you are Really the one. Oops. Shit.  My mind is doing the talking, I must hideContinue reading “Talk Too Much.”


Silence, Quietness; Absence, Stillness. I dared not, I could not. I’m scared of destroying another future. What I can only do Is to silently, quietly, Sit beside you, Cuss beside you, Talk beside you, But, that is the fine line that I can not cross. You are special in my eyes, I see you, different,Continue reading “Shhh…”


Knock. Knock.  It’s here. The feeling, it’s here. It did not have the intention to leave soon, or eventually. Mixed emotions, a tired heart, I could not care less, or bother more about this enigmatic feeling for you. Timing was off, everything in my life was starting to plunge into the deepest nadir of all,Continue reading “Uncertain”