Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.



too generic

what is it to write a good piece, something that is worth reading, something that is worth looking back to. wha... what is this? my head, my mind, my train of thoughts, hurts. a lot. it is a drought in... Continue Reading →

Catharsis #1

prying open the deepest ends of my heart, there was nothing more to be expected, everything was emptied out of me a year or so ago, when things started to get awry. i have been in this constant state of... Continue Reading →

The Rush.

It has been a long time, Since I got the 'kick' To actually do something. This is intriguing, Reigniting the forgotten spark in me, Unfathomable. I want to feel like this Alive, and refreshed. Wow... Sitting down, Doing the things... Continue Reading →

Breaking Through

"Why can't I do this?" "Why not that way?" "Why is it not like this?" "Because it can't be done as such." "Because this way is only the right way." "Because this is meant to be like this." The questions... Continue Reading →


Our Maker creates as beings such that we could never achieve impeccability. Perfection is impossible to achieve but some people still have the vaulting ambition to achieve it. Those who fall in this category are the ones who are wasting... Continue Reading →

Reminiscence And Something To Create

This is my very first blog... I want to start of this blog with something which¬†gave me the kicks to create this blog. A dreadful but life-changing one. Life never fails to surprise and thrill me. Starting of with a... Continue Reading →

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