Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.



what is and is to come

what is more, when there is more; what is less, when there is none. when is it too much? when is it too less? what is dark, when it is dark; what is light, when it is bright. when is... Continue Reading →


The stars are never enough for us, Even when we steal them from the night sky, One by one, There are infinite of them, So as our desire, How can they be enough? The sands of the beach, The hopes... Continue Reading →

Are You Home?

A dwelling place, Not constant, But consistently changing; Never somewhere physical, But at some times; Time changes us, Redefines home for us From time to time. My bed, my toilet, My sweet spots, My computer, All of these spots, Transient,... Continue Reading →


In the beginning, nothingness became something, something emerged heaven and earth, day and night, darkness and heaven. We are created, a man and a woman, Men and Women were created, a pair in each reality. The first pair, disobeyed, vanished.... Continue Reading →


Path of life Undulated, meandering, Paved with peril, Leading us into bedraggled wretch Where all hopes dissipate. Agents of hope, Saviours disguised in flesh, Coated in white, Akin to the faintest, Resplendent flicker in absolute darkness, For the ill to... Continue Reading →


Black and white keys, Major and minor, Chords and scales, Crescendo and decrescendo, Resonance and dissonance, All of these dance together gracefully Accentuating the colours of playing piano. To enthrall the fascination of music, We must be the music. It... Continue Reading →

Reminiscence And Something To Create

This is my very first blog... I want to start of this blog with something which¬†gave me the kicks to create this blog. A dreadful but life-changing one. Life never fails to surprise and thrill me. Starting of with a... Continue Reading →

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