how far is east is from the west?

The stars across the skies laid sparsely as I looked into the plain vast blackness of the incessant flow of time, never waiting for anyone. Sporadic clouds were forming above my head, swirling, my thoughts were lingering around with the shapes of above without any apparent reason but with a definite goal of raining uponContinue reading “how far is east is from the west?”

Reach For Hope

Traversing through the concrete jungle, Entering the hearts of lions, Gleaming resplendently in the crescent night, Where love and hope is relative. I want to know how far I can go; I want to know how high I can reach. Been through the depths of the ravenous valley, Seeking darkness in the midst of darkness,Continue reading “Reach For Hope”

Originals by Adam Grant (Book Review)

Talking about creativity analytically, critically and minutely, this is how Originals is born. This is not a typical fact and evidence book, like many other non-fictions out there (although I have to admit some parts are rather tedious to read). Nonetheless, I have learned a lot about being a creative person because as I wasContinue reading “Originals by Adam Grant (Book Review)”

Close Your Eyes

Standing in the vicinity where Mr. Thomas was doing his painting, I never knew what his next brush would be, it could be a stroke that awakens a capture from nature; a dab that dabbles over the skies; a smudge that conjures a beautiful mess, uncertain as ever, changing as the winds do. The canvasContinue reading “Close Your Eyes”

I Murdered Myself

Doing this, Rushing that, Slowly losing myself Into conforming with the harsh reality. Rushing this, Completing that, Have I really ever achieved anything? When did I last reflected upon myself? Long time ago, Not so long, I was ambitious, daring, bold. But now, Everything changed when life attacked, I started to lose my ambition, PeteringContinue reading “I Murdered Myself”


Chill beats were playing at the background, I was not satisfied, I needed something more inspiring. My fingers shifted it into classical orchestra, nope, Japan songs, better. The language portrayed was incomprehensible yet enlightening. I cocooned myself on my chair, hoping that some movement could stir my head up- an impetus. Blank. Nothingness. That was all that I couldContinue reading “Struck.”

The Rush.

It has been a long time, Since I got the ‘kick’ To actually do something. This is intriguing, Reigniting the forgotten spark in me, Unfathomable. I want to feel like this Alive, and refreshed. Wow… Sitting down, Doing the things that I want to, Letting the creativity flow. The rush, The adrenaline, Never a distantContinue reading “The Rush.”

Zeroed Out

There were countless stars in the dark skies. I could see patterns, shapes, Dancing around, even engaging in battles; But, now, What I see was just White glittery stuffs staining the dark skies, Not even worth my glance anymore. Conjuring fight scenes, fantasies, Were a cinch. Dragons, spaceships, superstructures, Superpowers, anything that is worth sharingContinue reading “Zeroed Out”


Have you ever wondered, why The fans kept spinning in circles, Round and round, Round and round, Never escaping the loop of their cycle. Every single time they were given The power to move, They chose to move in circles. Why can’t they escape from the relentless Spinning of endless Nothingness? The perennial spell boundContinue reading “Circle”