Faster Than Light

She’s there. I twisted my sweaty palms against my clothes, my heart was palpitating so as my breath, sporadic, my thoughts took a dip into the massacre that was happening in me. She’s at the side of the lift. I was heading into the same direction too, my mind was simulating countless events introspectively. I walked to her,Continue reading “Faster Than Light”

First Crush (Part 3)

“Penndragon… Please don’t kill me…” Anxiety crept into my voice, “I’m about to ask you a very serious question.” “Don’t worry,” Her face is filled with curiosity, “Just spit it out.” I took a deep breath, “Do you… remember about the purple mickey mouse key chain?” “It’s still attached to my camera bag.” “It wasContinue reading “First Crush (Part 3)”

First Crush (Part 2)

Annual School’s Sports day was pages off the calendar, I overheard that Penndragon was involved in cheerleading for purple house. I was in purple house too, What a coincidence, I thought, this is a golden opportunity, I need to do something. During some of their practice, I would pretend to saunter leisurely with my hands in the pocket atContinue reading “First Crush (Part 2)”

First Crush (Part 1)

“Yang, remember, do not date until you can earn a living, if not…” Mom’s stern words still buzzed in my head and acted as a deterrent to not fall in love with anybody. However, Murphy’s law is true, these words were only meager impediments to me, humans are creatures that have the ability to love, the feeling wasContinue reading “First Crush (Part 1)”