Full Moon

Somnolence reverberated through the salience of silence, breaking down the night into its demise, revealing the resplendent roundness of the full moon, glistening through the depths of the night. I stood at the door of my wooden house, seizing the door for support as my energy was slowly draining out of my system. A paroxysmContinue reading “Full Moon”

Sugar, Fats, And Sitting Too Much

Malaysia is a food heaven but the people are living in a health crisis hell. One of every three Malaysians are obese which leads us to detrimental health issues such as heart attack, angina, breathing difficulties and the list never ends. After visiting Japan, I would like to compare and contrast between the lifestyle ofContinue reading “Sugar, Fats, And Sitting Too Much”

One Year and Counting…

Daily blogging is and was my daily routine for a year and counting now, I was too caught up with my dreadful school life and personal stuffs that my first daily blogging anniversary just slipped my mind for a month. Nonetheless, I remembered about this particular, and I decided to dedicate this post to oneContinue reading “One Year and Counting…”

Feedback Loop From Hell

Have you ever feel that you are worrying about worrying about what is going to happen? Have you ever feel that you are nervous about being nervous before going on stage? Have you ever feel that you are guilty about being guilty after you have done something wrong? Do not deny it, this is calledContinue reading “Feedback Loop From Hell”

Someone… Somewhere…

Hope they’re save. I uttered to myself as I saw the escapees flooding into the ship to head for a safe haven. My stance was getting weaker at the front-line, everything was turning sour for our side, we were almost beaten down by the enemy, but we must stand strong in order for them to escape safely.Continue reading “Someone… Somewhere…”