Just To Stay Afloat

I was running, forwards, into a direction that was set inside my heart for years. Unwavering, the signpost in me, I did not even question when I would end up at my destination, I kept running, obeyed meekly to the given instructions to run ahead, as hard as possible. As darkness approached, light ebbed awayContinue reading “Just To Stay Afloat”

Black Box #two

Everything happened so quickly, my mind and heart could not keep up. It was pitch-black, my heart was slowly slipping into the infinite abyss of no return, my mental state was treading upon the thin line of in-sanity, my visions became murky. I was thrown into abject submission, oblivious about what my future could hold.Continue reading “Black Box #two”

Black Box #one

Prancing around in the land where possibilities were seamless, I could create things out of thin air with my pure imagination and hard work. Sometimes my creation would be unprecedented, out of my imaginations. The freedom, the excitement, the life that I was leading were all that made me feel alive, most importantly I wasContinue reading “Black Box #one”

666 catharsis 666

“wake up.” “wake up!” “you’v… who am i…? what am i doing here…? am i still…  alive? me? my eyes were burned with searing white lights tiring, lethargic, wearied, my soul. fall back just fall back into that trance the peaceful trance the unwarranted reverie the beautiful nightmare fall back into it never wake upContinue reading “666 catharsis 666”

no. no. no. no. no.

Temptation. Roaring into my wearied heart. Ripping my resistance well apart. My body was moving by itself. No. My conscience pleaded. Growing stronger, I’m turning into nothing. No. Please no.  Slowly engulfing me, I’m powerless, feeble, WEAK. Pushing away, Fighting, Nothing happened. No. No. NO! Fucks were not given. Perhaps… NO! PLEASE NO! Defeated. Again.Continue reading “no. no. no. no. no.”


Sauntering by the rivulet at the gardens of my mind, alone. I tipped toed across the puddles of water, crossing back and forth in a conventional fashion, leaving ripples through the fabric of my thoughts, spacetime itself. Catching hold of my own breath, I landed in multiple gatherings of friends, family and relatives simultaneously. TheContinue reading “Accustomed”


Zephyr of the night, billowing the atmosphere with a menacing glare, I pulled my handbag closer to me, wreathed myself tighter in my scarf, afraid of the solitary in this dimly lit alley way which only had intermittent flashes of a lamp post at a consistent glow. Blinking seven times per second, I paced twoContinue reading “Looped”

Short Death

My heart was beating at a random pace, panning out to gather all the possible seconds that I was given, a probable estimation of my death line, hoping that I would not cross it, ever, but it was inevitable, I could only prolong my agony, not vanquishing it perpetually. I was standing in the middleContinue reading “Short Death”