Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.




The lecture hall was quiet as usual, there were the same people answering the lecturer, paying any attention at all in the lecture hall and those who just could not care more. Time passed as the students presented in front,... Continue Reading →

Untamed Libido (X-Rated)

Those pair of luscious breasts... Damn... I was scrolling through the usual social platform, Instagram, that instigated my hands, my untamed carnal desire to jerk off, to secrete some of the white sticky fluid from me. It was overflowing, inundated with... Continue Reading →


The urge slunk into my thoughts as I laid on my bed after a grueling, exhausting day at work. Nothing seemed to fascinate me when my eyes flitted across the pixelated screen of my phone. It haunted me again, the insuperable,... Continue Reading →

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