the dilemma of social media

Scrolling… Liking… Scrolling… Reading… Scrolling… Reacting… Scrolling… This is just repetitive, as if I am trapped in a feedback loop that never ends. Once I have finished reacting to some random post, or some updates from my friends, and then I will go from Instagram to Twitter then back and forth like never before. There areContinue reading “the dilemma of social media”

Integrity OR Views

What is the purpose of this blog? It is a place for me write, vent and improve my writings, sometimes acting as an avenue for other people to share their thoughts too. However, as time passes by, I eventually forgotten that I write to improve whereas I just write to fulfill my responsibility for theContinue reading “Integrity OR Views”

Faster. Faster. Fa…

200 km/h, 203 km/h, I need to get faster. I shifted the gear once more, the improvised gear box that allowed me to get to the speed of an airplane, but the grip of my racing car was not as good as I expected. I nearly derailed from the first few curves, crashing myself into pieces.Continue reading “Faster. Faster. Fa…”

Coloured Hearts (Part 5)

“If you want to leave early to see your girl, hand me your gloves.” the coach said sternly to me in front of everybody during the start of the training. A concoction of anger and bashfulness rushed through my brain, I clutched my fists which were still gloved. The coach outstretched his hands, wanting meContinue reading “Coloured Hearts (Part 5)”