Just Keep Doing.

Sighs… Slapped my face Into my bed. I could not Move a muscle. “I’m tired.” I told myself. “Maybe, Not today…” I told myself again. Convincing myself To lay back into the comfort zone. “A 15-minute nap will help.” I shut my eye From the reality From the noise From the temptations From the worldContinue reading “Just Keep Doing.”

Augmented (August Goals)

July was a month where I re-direct my path of life, doing more inside my mind rather than in reality. Nothing much has changed, I still procrastinate, I am still who I am, I am feeling that this monthly thing is getting more superfluous. But, this can act as a reminder and a check-list onContinue reading “Augmented (August Goals)”

8 Things You Should Do Before SPM.

It is mandatory for us Malaysians to go through high school life which is five years longs, and sit for a major examination (SPM) to get us into tertiary education or even higher. It might seem SPM is prestigious, but in reality, no it could not help you further your knowledge into deeper regions ofContinue reading “8 Things You Should Do Before SPM.”

My Hair

For seven months, maybe even longer. I kept long hair, eventually I had to cut it off because my mother was nagging me to do so for the past few months. Thus, I cut my hair, it was a relieve but a broken dream for myself. I aspired to keep a long hair, that ofContinue reading “My Hair”