you are looking at the wrong direction.

Life is not easy, especially if you want everything in your life. Things will start to fall apart, shattering into a million pieces even before you start to realise. Spiraling into a loop from hell, I began to see that how deep a hole that I had fallen into and yet to recover from. ForContinue reading “you are looking at the wrong direction.”

Dream Again.

I have a dream. I had a dream. I wanted to touch the skies As long as I am still alive. It was all just a dream. Life showed me The darkest side of Me, myself. Toxic, Diabolical, Irrational, Foolish. I went astray. Not even did I not realise it, I went even further, FurtherContinue reading “Dream Again.”

Let Me

It was perhaps the last day I would be meeting her, in this temporal period. My heart was pounding wildly, beating like the bass drums of my inner voices. Just tell her. Since it’s the last day. I cupped my hand against my racing heart, young blood. Sitting next to her for one last time, trickling ourContinue reading “Let Me”

Keep Pulling The Arrow

Share some love to this ardent, pundit photographer and his brilliant post idea by visiting and follow his Instagram:  key_to_kye Inspired and influenced by: Miles Toulmin Full length photo below: The adage- an arrow only can be shot by pulling it backwards- depicts the intrinsic meaning behind keeping your dreams alive, by doing so, predicamentsContinue reading “Keep Pulling The Arrow”

First Time…

It was a fortnight before I went for my trip to China, I need someone to manage my blog. Just doing some easy posting, tagging and commenting. The first name that came into my mind was Jon. She is quite deft and acumen in this field, so naturally she became my first pick. “Jon, canContinue reading “First Time…”

I’m A Mess.

Our days are counted, we have limited time on Earth, time is never on our side, fear is the greatest hindrance to the genesis of an inception. However, faith, hope, patience, perseverance are the criteria for us to harness limitless endurance that acts as the catalyst to help us combat the greatest threat to humans,Continue reading “I’m A Mess.”

My Dream

Hope is one of  the few aspects which I cling on to carry on my life. Without hope, humanity are tantamount to sail in a sea without shores and often drive themselves to nowhere thus wasting their time and their lives. “The Truth about The Harry Quebert Affair” is one of the books which sendsContinue reading “My Dream”