Drowning in Numbers

Flickering, out of nothingness, There was something, There is, smouldering. Never having ceding thought, I became the flint, The spark, the fire. 1, 2, 1,… A steady rhythm for one month, There was another something, Subtle, insidious, unrevealing, A silent killer. Sauntering, He was about to become the forlorn ghost, Waning back from where it cameContinue reading “Drowning in Numbers”


The soothing water cascaded into my shoulders, leaving me with a numb sensation. I sat cross-legged, under the waterfalls of the Amazon, a majestic place where my escape plan was made true, but a mishap happened, my soul was not utterly released from the treachery. I took a deep breath, relishing, cherishing every single ounceContinue reading “Scoured”

Saved (Re-blog)

  Without a second thought, I dived into the ocean, wanting to swim across to the isle opposite me which was not far as poorly perceived by my eyes. I swam with my eyes closed because the ocean was too salty. Shit… My intuition prompted me that something had gone very wrong. I have to swim backContinue reading “Saved (Re-blog)”