Feeling sober, I was dropped at the doorstep of my house. Bad day, bad week, terrible life, whatever you called it, I was not in the mood of thinking any of those, I just wanted more booze. My mind was in a state of delirium where reality was bent with a languid twist. Searching forContinue reading “Lights.”

When We Were Young

I was sitting by the tarred ground, a bottle in my hand, sober and tired with reality. My vision was twirling in fantastic patterns, the alcohol was working wonders on me, making a temporal escape for me. The streets lights were shining down on me, tainting my view with a faint orange in the darkContinue reading “When We Were Young”

Apparent Passenger

The dead of the night was welcoming the reverie into my thoughts after a long day of driving, The winnowing of cold air was prominent as the windows were winded down, I was driving down the suburb, heading back to my home where my bed was. I concentrated on the wind orchestra of the nightContinue reading “Apparent Passenger”