Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.




Time is flying. I am still not in the know. Senseless of time. I am numb. Weeks and weeks Coruscated across my eyes. I am still The same old me. A heart surgery Cannot change a person. It is the... Continue Reading →

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

What is your motivation of waking up the next morning? Answer this and you will be able to cut down on your toxic life style and make the most out of your time.┬áThis question hit me right home. I did... Continue Reading →

Overthinking Overthinking

Unsettling, cacophonous, messed up. This is the life that I live, the brain that I have is ceaseless, restless and relentless. My mind is an enigma to me, to everyone, I can be directly straightforward with you without ever thinking... Continue Reading →


It is prophetic. that we are alive. Living in spirals Loops of feedback from hell. I am still alive. I feel the pain, the agony, the emptiness. Nothingness was me. I felt nothing was worth it anymore. I feel like... Continue Reading →


I think... I am... Why? How many times are we through with this? Are you going to express yourself to yourself again that you are in love again? No, I feel like. I am lost, about who I am really... Continue Reading →

On The Spot.

After months of grueling training with strict discipline, I was more than prepared to take on the best. It felt like it. Mentality also played a crucial role in winning all the matches, leading me to the final where I... Continue Reading →


She slept silently at the passenger's seat beside me, being the shotgun of our 2-hour drive back home was not an easy feat. I offered to fetch her straight home. It had been about a year since we met, my... Continue Reading →

Passion Smiles Back

I am Smiling, So are they. I am A teacher. I teach. My efforts Translates into Inspiration, Motivation, Achievements, Advice; A driving force That breaks The perennial circle Of banality; A change; Smiling or depressed, I just wanted students To... Continue Reading →


Stressed out, my hair unkempt as usual, my body wearied from the hustle and bustle. I laid down on my sofa, my temporal hideaway from the troughs of life, the J-pop in the background waning slowly into a lullaby that... Continue Reading →

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