i am grateful for 2020

i am grateful for 2020.
thank you 2020 for all the experiences, opportunities and everything along with it.

War Token

The bombshells were prepped in the base of the Germans, Steve and Gal were the underdogs, the undercover, the last hand sent by the Great Britain, to end the war to stop all wars, to stop the war that would bring peace. Soldiers were engaged in combat from afar of the German base, it wasContinue reading “War Token”

Nian (Finale)

‘Black powder’ acquired, now a torch. My focus span broke at the moment when the bellows of the tiled beasts shaken the vicinity of the village, my grip on the trees slipped, and I fell a few feet away from the beasts. Thump. Three pairs of livid stares locked unto me. I scrambled on myContinue reading “Nian (Finale)”

Cherry Blossomed (Finale)

Teressa, reporting into service, operation Omega, code number-0331, target locked down, Jason, not much information acquired, physical, 1.75 metres in height, bald, sinewy, random dressing style, no pattern detected, no information attained about the convoy, all seemed normal. Signing out, Teressa, 13 May 2000. It was her voice, stern, mechanical, robotic in style, I usedContinue reading “Cherry Blossomed (Finale)”

2016, What A Year.

2016, an unforgettable year, pain and misery, yet filled with hope and joy. It was a contradicting year, but I surmise the balance was there, somewhere. 2346, I was writing this post, the reminisce of how 2016 treated flashed through my mind. The start of the year was painful, I had lost one of myContinue reading “2016, What A Year.”

Graduation Day

Time flies… I thought as I combed my hair for the important occasion of the day- graduation. This signified that I had grown up, ready to face the real world awaiting for us, prepared to embrace life, putting up with the gauntlets thrown at us, just more brutally for the times that were to come.Continue reading “Graduation Day”