The sun was peeking through the window sills, I was hoping that my phone would ring anytime before. But no, it did not. I frantically plucked myself out of my comfortable bed, grabbed my phone to check what time was it. Pressed the home button, no response, perhaps I did not charge it last night. My memoryContinue reading “DisConnected”


Claustrophobic, the matt white walls towering on both of my sides, it was tight, just nice for me to walk through. The walls came in contact with my skin, something’s wrong, I thought, I’m going to be a mesh pile if I don’t… I broke into a sprint for the front, insensible about the direction that I was heading.Continue reading “White”


The undulating paths, the vigorous streams, the ravenous mountains, were surmounted by me, a solo ranger, craving to dig up the treasure buried after this course of treachery. No food, no water, arid air, scorching days, monstrous nights. Snipped, I was snipped, my DNA sequence changed, as well as my RNA, I was a geneticallyContinue reading “Innocent”