Self-Reflect (Real Talk)

This is another honest piece where I ramble around for half an hour or so, see how long my fingers are willing to go and how much my head is willing to spill out. First things first, I did some rumination, pondering, thinking about what have I done throughout the year and I found nothingContinue reading “Self-Reflect (Real Talk)”

Marching into The Valley of Change. (March Goals)

Being a complete failure last month, and even had a period where I became too lazy and stopped blogging for two weeks. It was a fucking disgrace. The change that I brought into my life had landed a negative impact on my life, the gaming life and once I was dragged into the pits ofContinue reading “Marching into The Valley of Change. (March Goals)”

Maths Anxiety

Arghhh…. Screw it!┬áI flung my pen unto the table, crashing myself onto the bed where I sink myself into the soft cuddle of inferiority, churning in me as exasperation slowly chewed me off bit by bit, until I started scrolling my phone as a diversion. Instagram, twitter, then Youtube.┬áNothing interesting, I got up, drank aContinue reading “Maths Anxiety”

Paper Plane Pursuit

“Weeeee!!!!” the shrills of the frolicking children in the park, some on the carousel, spinning their time away with fun laughter; some on the swings, flying as high as they could touch the fluffy dragon-shaped clouds; some were sliding down the steel slide which were as hot as an turned on iron, giggling, shrieking whenContinue reading “Paper Plane Pursuit”