Lost In Japan (Day 1)

4 a.m. Woke up. Washed up. Packed. The usual before heading for a trip. This time I scheduled my blog posts properly, did what I was supposed to do, and departed with a halcyon heart. I was not particularly keen about going for trips overseas, but this was objectively different from before, Japan. I playedContinue reading “Lost In Japan (Day 1)”


Do you know? You are someone special. Have you ever wonder Why you had stopped believing? “I don’t know… I just don’t know anymore.” The sound of dejection. The wind of rejection. You simply forgotten About how special you are. Most people would not see it, But some do. Some could see that you areContinue reading “Special”


Falling, Drowning, Failing, Hoping. Pain is the sign that I am still alive. Pain is the significance Of my every breath. Humans live for Achievements, Challenges, Pain and hope. Wrenching, Dreadful, Wearying, Beautiful. When we fall down, We climb back up, Feeling the lingering pain Learning from pain. If we keep on falling, We keepContinue reading “PaIn”


Shriveled at a corner, cocooned in a disgraceful fashion. I was drowning, losing my breath to the bottom, heaving frantically for air. But, I stopped, I lost hope to abject submission, it was helpless, it was dead. I hugged myself closer to me, holding unto the last pieces of what I could scavenge from theContinue reading “Boxed.”

Burned Out

Sick and tired. Worn out and beaten down. I am wearied, I am defeated. Still could not understand, Why this phase of life Is such a treachery Such a dreadful piece of shit. My neck hurts My head pounds My body is lethargic My mind is fucked. The thoughts inside me Are just tangled upContinue reading “Burned Out”


Strolling aimlessly into the wilderness, shrouded in uncertainty and mists that limited my vision to look further. I had been walking, for almost two decades, and yet I somehow rather found myself back at this spot where every shred of me was astray. Skimming my surroundings, I went in circles without knowing when to stop.Continue reading “Foggy”

Overthinking Overthinking

Unsettling, cacophonous, messed up. This is the life that I live, the brain that I have is ceaseless, restless and relentless. My mind is an enigma to me, to everyone, I can be directly straightforward with you without ever thinking of the consequences and I can be hiding behind the bushes whilst conjecturing every singleContinue reading “Overthinking Overthinking”


It is prophetic. that we are alive. Living in spirals Loops of feedback from hell. I am still alive. I feel the pain, the agony, the emptiness. Nothingness was me. I felt nothing was worth it anymore. I feel like throwing myself away. It was odious. Letting out the anger The fear, the whatsoever thatContinue reading “Anew”