Doing It Wrong.

Drumming my fingers against the keyboards with no words appearing on the screen, staring at the four walls of my surroundings seeing off-white. Frustration is a common thing that I encounter every day, inevitable in another sense. Looking back in the crux of why I wanted to read- to write is to improve. But,¬†Am IContinue reading “Doing It Wrong.”

Time IS Flying

Tick… Tock… Time is never on our side. 24 hours, A term coined by us, And yet, Neglected wholly by us. Each second slips through us, When we are sleeping; When we are working; When we are studying; Mostly When we are conforming To the society. Tick… Tock… We experience time Logarithmically- Younger, time livesContinue reading “Time IS Flying”

Passion Smiles Back

I am Smiling, So are they. I am A teacher. I teach. My efforts Translates into Inspiration, Motivation, Achievements, Advice; A driving force That breaks The perennial circle Of banality; A change; Smiling or depressed, I just wanted students To learn. I am A cook. I cook. My food Conveys A smear, A smudge, AtContinue reading “Passion Smiles Back”

Close Your Eyes

Standing in the vicinity where Mr. Thomas was doing his painting, I never knew what his next brush would be, it could be a stroke that awakens a capture from nature; a dab that dabbles over the skies; a smudge that conjures a beautiful mess, uncertain as ever, changing as the winds do. The canvasContinue reading “Close Your Eyes”


Wilting, My soul, My heart, My body, My will, Wearied. Tried, tried, tried; Failed, failed, failed; Irresistible, Feeble, Tried and tried, Failed and failed, Again and again, Screw it. Slumping down, Sliding down, Winding down, My physique, My weak self, Me. “There are three types of people here, One, Those who tried to resist, ButContinue reading “Shriveling”


Bones about to rip through the subcutaneous layer, I mustered every ounce of energy to gather water into the two plastic containers that were to be brought back saddling my donkey. It was a routine, I had been doing this after fleeing our war-torn home state. My father passed away in an airstrike back atContinue reading “Flowing”


Tap, tap, tap… Tap, tap, tap… Typing more, Creating more, Under controlled circumstances. Emptiness, A sudden pang. Weariness, A lingering effect. Staring into the four walls, Neglecting the suction, The drainage of my life force. This walk has not been easy. Fallen many times. Did not get up many times. Did not attempt many times.Continue reading “Intention”