The Rush.

It has been a long time, Since I got the ‘kick’ To actually do something. This is intriguing, Reigniting the forgotten spark in me, Unfathomable. I want to feel like this Alive, and refreshed. Wow… Sitting down, Doing the things that I want to, Letting the creativity flow. The rush, The adrenaline, Never a distantContinue reading “The Rush.”


Knock. Knock.  It’s here. The feeling, it’s here. It did not have the intention to leave soon, or eventually. Mixed emotions, a tired heart, I could not care less, or bother more about this enigmatic feeling for you. Timing was off, everything in my life was starting to plunge into the deepest nadir of all,Continue reading “Uncertain”


Sauntering by the rivulet at the gardens of my mind, alone. I tipped toed across the puddles of water, crossing back and forth in a conventional fashion, leaving ripples through the fabric of my thoughts, spacetime itself. Catching hold of my own breath, I landed in multiple gatherings of friends, family and relatives simultaneously. TheContinue reading “Accustomed”

Glassy Skies

Tipping my life on the glassy edifice, a city built in transparency, moulded together by the super-cooled liquid glass, encapsulated with my thoughts and feelings. I measured myself in the palace of crystalline glass, a tiny physical presence but I could sense the subtle ripples of distinct heartbeat. Pacing myself back and forth in theContinue reading “Glassy Skies”


Sigh… What is this…? Beaten up by life, It is the norm. Why is she not bothering me? Did I do something? Humans are hard to understand, Relationships are hard to foster. Am I that of an asshole? The blame game beings, Inside me, not hers. I am killing myself, slowly. Would she know? No.Continue reading “Brink”

Zeroed Out

There were countless stars in the dark skies. I could see patterns, shapes, Dancing around, even engaging in battles; But, now, What I see was just White glittery stuffs staining the dark skies, Not even worth my glance anymore. Conjuring fight scenes, fantasies, Were a cinch. Dragons, spaceships, superstructures, Superpowers, anything that is worth sharingContinue reading “Zeroed Out”

The One Emotion That Is Above All- Gratitude

Share some love to this ardent, pundit photographer and his brilliant post idea by visiting and follow his Instagram:  key_to_kye Influenced by Ben Greenfield & Melody Bettie Full length photo below: Leading a fulfilling life is one of the many abjured aspirations that humans crave for, inadmittedly. Humans are emotional beings, and thus we areContinue reading “The One Emotion That Is Above All- Gratitude”