Mind Deviation

The remnants of the space craft was the only company that I had after the intense outbreak in the intergalactic fight of the tyranny. We were the Resistance, and we suffered stellar losses but a phyrric victory.┬áBut… how… why… did I do that? Against the tyranny, we though we had no chance of winning, theirContinue reading “Mind Deviation”

Chained Parapet #11

DANGER! KEEP OUT!┬áthe sign was the first thing that came into my sight. “Screw this.” I uttered under my breath, “I’m done with these shit.” I picked up the belongings that I had left there, running to the chained parapet that led me in the first place. As my pace was crescendo, the unfaltering bunchContinue reading “Chained Parapet #11”

Chained Parapet #6

“John… JOHN!” Dave’s voice shook me up, it was the haunted building from our childhood. How… Is this happening? Isn’t Dave gone? I was placed in a field of confusion. “Come on John, let’s cross the bridge!” I allowed the memory to unravel itself, observing the minutiae point that I had overlooked. My over-analysing selfContinue reading “Chained Parapet #6”