Decisions. Dilemma.

Hands trembling, legs quivering, my subcutaneous layer was still raging with the lingering sensation of the burning pit of rubble. The mask felt heavy against my head, I removed it, sweat poured out unto the cold hard ground concocted with tears and quandaries. I should have saved him. With regret, my mind coruscated through the charred breadcrumbsContinue reading “Decisions. Dilemma.”

It’s Now or Never

Catching fire, My will, my heart And my burning soul. Ignite me, Set me on fire, Let me burn. Break me, Make me willing, Rekindle the smouldering pit of fire. Mould me, Shape me, Into a formidable human. Flaws, temptations; Flawed, temporal. Having a clearer picture. There is no more time. My time is short. IContinue reading “It’s Now or Never”

Terrains of Colonies

Uncharted terrains of wasteland was tread upon by me, armed with nothing to the teeth, this route was the only way to get to my destination, it was filled with vile beasts, that was what the folks said, but nothing had gotten to my sleeve ever since I departed. It was too quiet, way tooContinue reading “Terrains of Colonies”


I must… take… him… out…! Mustering all the strength in my physique, learning that my enemy was just inches from death. He was partially dead, laying helplessly in front of me. I grabbed the ground for support in order to pull myself to him, an arm after an arm, pulling myself closer for vengeance that consumedContinue reading “Consumed”


“Why are you always back so late?” she cited in a brassy manner. I answered with silence after closing the door at my back as soft as possible, “Are you going out with girls?” It was the millionth time that she had mentioned this to me. “Do you still trust me, Jane?” she fell intoContinue reading “Punished”


Curling up into a ball, I fought to keep the fire alive, the igneous flame, smouldering in my hands. I kept it close to me, it was fiery, stinging my abdomen, I still clasped the fire in my embrace, my cradle, paining me beyond subcutaneous level. Reluctance, my idiotic obduracy burned as demented as the fire inContinue reading “Unraveled”