Blacked Out

Headphones hanging by both of my ears as I took the walk back home in the solemn silence prominent in the air, tucked both my hands into my sweater’s front pocket being in this frigid weather. My ears were turning into crisp. I passed an dimly lit alley way, sensing nothing but coldness- an unwarrantedContinue reading “Blacked Out”

Pumpkin Head (Halloween Special)

Hopping off the bike that I stopped at the wooden shack at the edge of the pumpkin farm, it was time for harvest again. The somnolent glimmer of the moon shimmered the pumpkin farm with an uncanny yet familiar feel, the goosebumps set in as quick as I realised, a split second, the moonlight wanedContinue reading “Pumpkin Head (Halloween Special)”

Tapering Hope

Treading through the thick snow, gradually pierced by the prickling ice. I was counting the minutes left in my chest, the candle that was emitting an igneous glow, shimmering dimly across my body, signifying the ephemeral life span that I had left. The thick coat against my petite body, I was singularly left out byContinue reading “Tapering Hope”